Top 50 Ways to Make Money in College

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Donate Plasma

If you’ve been in college for any considerable amount of time, you have probably heard people talking about how they donated plasma to scrape together just enough money to throw that rager of a keg party that ended with everyone skinny dipping in the river. No? Maybe that was just my college experience. Regardless, donating your plasma to banks who give it to people in need can be a great source of regular extra income for you every month, provided you aren’t afraid of needles and enjoy eating cookies.

Make Money in Your Swimsuit

There’s a reason that cheerleading squad is out in the Taco Bell parking lot, every Saturday afternoon, wearing skimpy bikini tops, sudsing up your car. Car washes are big money and they need new uniforms! But, why should giggling sixteen year-olds, smacking their gum and overusing the word “like†get to have all the fun and make all the money? You could become a parking-lot-car-wash mogul and easily make a couple hundred dollars this afternoon, playing with your friends.

Sell Your Lecture/Class Notes

Ever since grade school, you have been a voracious note taker. While other kids were busy swinging from one end of the monkey bars to another, you were hard at work, writing out mathematical equations that put a science to finding Waldo and proved that you were on to bigger and better things. Sure, they laughed at your taped, prescription goggles–er…glasses–and called you names, but now look at them; degenerates destined to work as car salesmen, while you’re inventing the next patentable nuclear defense system. You could also use all that brain power to start making some extra cash.

Selling Bottled Water

If you’ve ever been to Austin, TX (people sell water on street corners all over the city) or to any outdoor music festival, you have probably seen street vendors with an ice chest, selling water, sodas, energy drinks and snacks. Street vending is one of the oldest forms of entrepreneurship and a great way to make a little bit of cash, quickly, without much startup money. The trick to making more money than your competition is in getting a little creative.

Paint House Numbers on Curbs

It’s hard enough as it is to figure out which house is which (they’re all so poorly marked!), but toss a couple of dry martinis and a cab driver that doesn’t speak English into the mix and you may never get to that party you so desperately wanted to attend. Having a well-marked house number is very important in our society. It affords people the convenience of having mail and packages delivered to the door, enables ordering take-out from local restaurants and pizza joints and gives a great frame of reference for those evenings when you want to get all of your friends over to the house for a round of pinochle. So, how does all of this add up to you making some fast cash? Well, given the importance of a well-marked house number, you can put on your entrepreneur’s hat and get to work painting house numbers on curbs for cash.

Picture by CurbAddressDirectory.com

Make and Sell Calendars

You probably already know that firemen and Hooters girls are notorious for using scantily clad men and women to sell a yearly calendar as part of their fund-raising efforts. What you might not have realized is that you can easily cash in and make money selling calendars, without ever having to spend any up front cash!

Clean Frat Houses

Hundreds of blue and red plastic cups are strewn about the lawn in a seemingly random yet genius manner, somewhat remeniscent of Jackson Pollock’s work. Inside the ten bedroom house, a sticky residue glues your shoes to the floor with every step you take. Toilet paper adorns lamp shades, chandeliers, curtain racks and loose furniture as if this were the star quarterback’s house, the night before the big homecoming game. The back deck has the stench of old hops radiating from it as the new morning sun begins to warm the earth. All of these things represent the greatest fraternity party every…or, at least, the best one this week, thus far. But, who is going to clean up this unsightly mess? YOU ARE…for cold-hard cash!

Sell Stock Photography

I’m not a fan of mediocre photography being sold in coffee shops for hundreds and hundreds of dollars (You can read my rant on this in my blog). But, the fact remains that there are a lot of people that are taking pictures, sometimes very average pictures, who are making a decent living selling those very “average†photos, both online and in the real world. As an advertising and marketing consultant for several national advertising agencies, we bought thousands of stock photographs for use in our campaigns. If you have a love of photography or a flair for creative expression, then you could be making thousands of dollars, each month, selling stock photography.

Mowing Lawns

During school, most college students can be found in one of two places, 1) The library or 2) The gym. And it’s not your fault that you want your hippocampus (the part of your brain used for learning and memory) operating at top form, while your sweet bod has members of the opposite sex swooning. But, now it’s summer and all that studying and muscle pumping, there’s wasn’t much time left to earn cash on the side for purchasing booze cruise tickets and pastel-colored board shorts. Follow our quick start lawn-mowing guide and you could make up to $600 this weekend!


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