How to Liven up Your Leggings

Posted by admin on Monday, October 8, 2012

As the temperature decreases and the trees slowly lose their leaves, female students bust out their winter wardrobes and don the timeless hybrid fashion phenomenon of pants and spandex — the legging. Although many have and will continue to argue that leggings should not be considered clothing, the fact remains: leggings feel like heaven on a woman’s legs. Because these pant alternatives have become a winter outfit staple, and they make it so easy to just throw on a sweatshirt, sometimes wearing leggings may seem a little too routine and generic. However, this year keep it comfy and classy in the lecture hall. These five tips are sure to satisfy the appetite of any collegiate fashionista.

  1. Kindly divorce your leggings and Uggs: Yes, Uggs are oh-so-very comfortable, but they’re borderline house slipper. Instead, invest in a cute high-top sneaker or a knee-high pleather boot. Your toes will still feel just as warm and your style will look waaaay more put together.
  2. Get ahead of the curve with a high-waisted legging: For the adventurous soul, try a high-waisted legging in a bold color. Explore your comfort zone and do it with your comfiest, slouchiest sweater.
  3. Sport a perky pattern: Wear a bold design or channel your inner animal; the list is endless. Pick a flashy legging that reflects your personality and avoid looking like you rolled out of bed.
  4. Play some tricks with faux denim; rock the jegging: Let’s face it. Sitting down in jeans can kill your waistline. Stay cozy in class without the pinch of buttons on your stomach. Try leggings’ chic sister — the jegging — and let it all hang loose.
  5. Throw on a pair of high-waisted shorts: Keep your favorite summer trend alive and pair those cut-offs with a bold legging. This look will give you the edginess you need to ace that exam, or pass along your number to that cute boy in your biology class.
Get a little inspiration. Feast your eyes on these fashion masterpieces:
An example of Tip #2:

class style

An example of Tip #5:Edgy class style
  Oh, and one more thing. For a night out on the town, treat yourself to pleather leggings and statement pumps:

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