How to keep the pounds off during the Holidays.

Posted by admin on Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Season is just right around the corner and people are looking forward to grandma's homemade green bean casserole and dinner rolls. Not to mention the tasty snacks and creamy pies in between brunch and late night dinner. With Thanksgiving kicking off next week, most people will be gobbling up more than just roasted turkey.

During the holidays an average American is known to gain 5-8 pounds (Hint: That's why America has an obesity problem). So if your not careful, you might end 2011 with a... big gut! Don't let temptations get to you, and save yourself the money you will be spending for a personal trainer at the end of January. Here are a few of the strategies you can follow during the festive season.

Be aware of portion control - Don't overload your plate with every side dish at the pot-luck. Before sitting down getting ready to stuff yourself, eat something light and healthy or drink a tall glass of water to help curb your appetite. Eat smaller portions and you could easily save yourself around 350-500 calories per seating.

Make it yourself - Prepackaged holiday food can be stuffed with extra saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and tons of calories. Cook your own food that way you are aware of how much of each ingredient goes in it. Use low-fat, sugar-free, low-calorie products and you can enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty. Stay away from store bought pumpkin pie, a single slice has around 300-400 calories! Try this delicious Crustless Pumpkin Pie instead.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise -  This is a must! Especially during colder weather when your body's metabolism slows down, preserving fat for warmth. So if your constantly eating... and eating, those extra pounds will soon to sneak up. Exercise in the morning and if you have extra time schedule in a 30 minute run in the afternoon before all your guest arrive. Exercise can also help levitate the stress holidays can bring.

You can enjoy all the delicious foods during the festive days (in moderation of course). By learning how to cut out those extra 1,000 calories you would normally consume every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner you will be able to keep yourself from gaining any unwanted pounds.

Hope the tips help! & Happy No-Weight-Gain Holidays!



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