How To Get Into Film School

Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So you got into college and you've finally figured out what you want to do with yourself--go to film school. Next step is actually getting in to fulfill your dreams of becoming a filmmaker. (Corny, I know, but whatever!) Just like nursing students stress about getting into nursing school and lawyers getting into prestigious law schools, it's a big deal for film majors to get into film school. Just like those other majors, it's not easy as pie, but we got you over here at Study Breaks. Read on about how to increase your chances of, you know, making your dreams come true. (It's about marketing yourself.)

1. Research

What school is right for you? Well only you know the answer to that question, but it should be considered when picking which schools to apply for. Big city vs. small town, big school vs. small school, party school vs. mellow school, how the school ranked...You know yourself best so answer these questions honestly and think about how likely you'll find a job after graduation. If online schools are your thang, check out these schools.

2. How to stand out

First, shape your application to the school's needs by not only learning what the school can do for you, but in turn showing the school what you can bring to them. Learn as many aspects of film as you possibly can. Know how to pitch ideas, shoot, edit, write, act and do it all on deadline. Most importantly, MAKE FILMS. It's extremely important to know the ins and outs behind the screen. Schools want versatile candidates that bring a variety of skills to the table. Keep in mind, these schools gets hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicants each year; your job is to make your application look different than the next guy's.

Top 10 US Film Schools-

1. American Film Institute

Where- Los Angeles, California

Cost-  (major bank) $38,416

2. University of Southern California


Where - Los Angeles, California

Cost- (super, major bank) $42,000 + room & board

3.  New York University Tisch School of Arts

Where- New York, New York

Cost - (super, mega, major bank) $45,674

4. University of California Los Angeles


Where - Los Angeles, California

Cost - MFA (bank) up to $34,453 (non-resident)

5. California Institute of the Arts


Where- Valencia, California

Cost - (major bank) $37,684

6. Columbia University School of Performing Arts


Where - New York, New York

Cost - (officially bankin') $50,873

7. Wesleyan University


Where- Middleton, Connecticut

Cost - (ballin') $55,736

8. University of North Carolina School of Performing Arts


Where- Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Cost - (chump change) $4,716, residents $17,665 non-residents

9. University of Texas at Austin

Where- Austin, Texas

Cost - $4,832, residents, $15,995, non-residents

10. Syracuse University


Where - Syracuse, New York

Cost - (super, mega, major bank) $53,790

Here's a full list.

If you're still on the fence, here's why you should go to film school. (Just don't worry about the cost!) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNRxdVhZbb8[/youtube]



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