Hottest Bods in London

Posted by admin on Monday, July 9, 2012

well hello there abs

Holy hot bodies-

The London Olympics are fast approaching, and we're gettin' ready to witness some of the greatest races/ events in history, so no doubt these athletes--and their bodies--are going to make us wish we stuck with those sports all those years as kids and could forever obtain our high school hard bodies (yeah right)... OR maybe we will just turn on the TV, kick back, and be glad we get to see some of the hottest bodies in the world-- literally.

Let us take a look at a few athletes that are competing that have some of the hottest bods on the planet this year.

  • Michael Phelps-USA- well no surprise here. This "Baltimore Bullet" has muscles in places we didn't know existed.

Heyyyy Michael- nice speedo

  • Allyson Felix- USA: Talk about abs of steel, this 100M sprinter gets me thinkin' I need to come up with some more ab routines.

abs abs abs

  •  Darya Klishina, Russia: This blonde bombshell's leg muscles alone are enough to put her on the cover of any magazine.

Probably running from all the boys that are after her.


  • David Oliver, USA: Can you say RIPPED?! This 6'2 track and field athlete has enough muscle for two 200lb men.

Muscle man-ia

  • Ryan Lochte, USA: Alright I'll admit, he is my favorite- sorry Michael. But seriously- is there any swimmer that DOESN'T have an awesome bod?

..marry me.

  • Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh, USA: Does a duo get any hotter than this?! I don't think so.

What don't these ladies have to cheer about?

  • James Magnussen, Australia:  D- D- D- Dayuuum, sexy swimmer alert number 3!

Ey' James.. I have a killer Australian accent..

  •  Stephanie Rice, Australia: This hottie-with-a-body swimmer holds a world record and three gold medals from Beijing, which makes her even hotter!

Three gold medals + a rockin' bod = a complete badass


So there you have it, keep a look out for these hotties at the upcoming London Olympics, and don't forget to check out our other awesome blogs about sports, entertainment, parties, you name it we've got it!


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