Guys, Add this to your List to not get Dissed.

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes a guy's "charm" isn't so charming. Check out the techniques guys use that get themselves dissed.

1.  Don’t have too much confidence – Having too much confidence is a definite turn off. A guy who thinks he can get any girl he wants when he wants does not attract me. Okay, maybe you are really hot with a nice body, but please get over it and stop thinking about yourself for once. A girl likes a guy to make a bit of an effort to catch her attention – not a guy who acts like he can never be rejected.

2.  Don’t be too touchy – Don't you hate it when you're with friends having a good time, then some guy has the nerve to grab your ass, arm, waist or any other part of your body? Don't think we're going to grab you right back. If anything, the only reaction you'll get is a death stare or a "Get the hell off me." I don't understand how guys think grabbing a random girl as she walks by is going to score them points.  Not cute, don’t do it.

3.  Don’t use cheesy pick-up lines – While they may be funny at times, don’t use them if you’re trying to take a girl home. Don’t ask her what her ring size is, don’t tell her you’ve seen her in your dreams or any other lame comments. Guys who use cheesy pick-up lines seem like they're trying too hard or have no game. Just be yourself and approach her like a normal person. Don’t over do it.

4.  Don’t make animal sounds – Something that annoys me the most are obnoxious guys who try to grab a girl's attention by making strange noises. Sounds ridiculous, right? Sadly, it happens. We're not animals, us girls aren't going to run over to you when you make noises coming from your mouth. None of that “sss-sss†crap is going to work. Do yourself a favor and keep those "callings" to yourself.

5.  Don’t talk dirty – There’s a point where too much is just too much. It’s really a turn off, especially at the wrong time. We’re not porn stars. I don’t want to see texts in my inbox that say, “I want you to come over and **** me, while we ****.†No thank you! I understand guys want to live their fantasy after watching their videos online but that doesn’t mix with the real world – at least not all the time. Just keep it to a minimum.


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