Guns on Campus?

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Posted by admin on Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm sure everyone has heard about the recent legislation over allowing students to carry concealed handguns on college campuses. There have been extensive arguments on both ends of the spectrum, but the main idea in both is safety. One side proposes if we were allowed to carry a gun, we would have the means to protect ourselves if needed. On the other side, walking through a sea of students that are armed makes one feel unsafe because there's nothing stopping them from using it unreasonably. So should we be allowed to carry guns on campus?

In my opinion guns on campus would complicate things. If someone premeditated to bring a gun on campus for harm, like the shooter in the tower 30 years ago or the boy who killed himself in PCL last year, and everyone was armed, who's to stop every armed student in the vicinity from drawing their weapon? Think about it. When authorities arrive and there's people with guns everywhere, how are they to know who's thehostile? With students all over pulling their guns for self protection, the next thing you know there's a bunch of confused young adults with weapons in hand, not an ideal situation. In addition, it would be way to easy for bullets to start flying in every which way.

When running blindfolded, there is always a chance of hitting something. Why add scissors in the hand to the equation?

If you're interested in this topic there will be a debate/discussion held at the UT campus on April 13 at 3pm in the SSB.

Our friends over at Her Campus have also brought light to a new group for students called Invest in Texas who want to fight guns on campus if you'd like to check it out!


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