Google Project Glass: Badass technology in semi-hideous glasses form

Posted by admin on Thursday, April 5, 2012

Before I go into the hot trend that's every other person's Facebook status with an OMG CRAZY SHIT caption, let it be known that I totalllllllly blogged about something like these FANCY GOOGLE GLASSES liiiike at LEAST a month ago.

And now, at the risk of being the person who says I told ya so...well, I told ya so.

Since I've seen the trailer for Google's Project Glass, what's essentially a smart phone in glasses form, I have to admit that I'm kinddd of impressed.




Sure, I think they should have really named them Google Goggles, but besides that, seems pretty well done. Because, I mean, let's be real, using my phone is just SUCH a pain in the ass. I mean, with all the buttons I have to push, it's a wonder I don't have arthritis. And do you know how heavy an iPhone con Otter Box is in the back pocket (note: I don't)?! It's a wonder there aren't millions of young people walking around with disjointed hips or semi-scoliosis.

So yes, bottom line is these FANCY high-tech OMG-I-CAN-CALL-AND-TEXT-AND-CHECK-IN-AND-GET-DIRECTIONS (and apparently video chat myself playing the ukulele) glasses arrrre pretty tech-y and sweet.

Okay Tron. VOM

But Jesus...they're hideous. In the end, with all the work they put into these, I wish they could've put a little effort into the style. I mean, I'm sure Ray Ban would have GLADLY collaborated.







Google Heads-Up Display Glasses



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