Google Plus adding 625,000 New Users EACH DAY

Posted by admin on Friday, December 30, 2011

Umm...holy shit. Google Plus gaining 625,000 users per DAY?!

I don't have Google Plus...

Guess how I found this image...

Hell, I don't know what the hell Google Plus actually IS. I've got Google for my necessities--that would be spellchecks, song lyrics and trying to remember who does the voice of Simba umm...every time I watch Lion King. (Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I KNEW it.) And then, for my social networking needs--i.e. pumping my blog posts out, letting everyone know how much fun I'm having or how many debit cards I've lost that month via status update, and...ya know...general stalking--I've got trusty Facebook.

But apparently I'm so out of the loop, and there are over half a million people becoming hipper and slicker and more tech-savvy than me...every day. (That would be a whopping 4,375,000 a week.) God, I'm a square.

In fact, it's estimated there will be 85 million Google Plus users by February 1st and OVER 400 MILLION by the end of 2012. (My source, for the record.) I mean...is it just me or is it getting kind of creepy how present Google is...everywhere...and how many people are getting more and more Googled-out?

So now, I suppose, the question remains: Do I stick it to the man, buck the trend and skip the fad like I did with MySpace?

Or do I hop on the bandwagon a few months too late, join...and then un-join 2 hours later when it's become positively passé (uhh...kinda like I did with MySpace)?

Hell, I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll Google it.


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