Posted by admin on Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ever wake up and have to seriously question the moral fiber of your soul? You ask your self, "What the hell am I  doing with my life?" Don't feel so bad about yourself. I promise I'm worse. I like to give you guys small glimpses to my work-a-holic rock star life. A lot of this can be summed up with pictures of my desk at work.


Crunk is new to the market. It's an energy pixie stick. No lie. Yes, I do tend to "get crunk" in the office from time to time, especially because a lot of my job includes late nights downtown covering parties, shows and openings. Hardest job ever, I know. Luckily, NOHO keeps me hungover free each morning when I drag myself back into the office.

Cast your vote? Am I successful, well balanced rock star or a struggling alcoholic enabled by pretty euphemisms and well crafted excuses?


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