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Posted by admin on Sunday, August 28, 2011

The beginning of school starting always brings the emergence of  organizations, clubs, and fraternity and sororities who will encourage you to get involved. Getting involved is one of the most important aspects of college that helps you not only find people with similar interests like yourself, but build your social networking, and personal skills. There is almost a club or organization for every interests or hobby in college, no limits or boundaries so you can always find something to spark your interest. One of the key ways to get involved is going Greek! Greek life offers different things for different people, and is very far from the stereotypical portrayal that television showcases.Don't get me wrong, there are some Greek organizations that live up to every aspect you think Greek life is, but the majority do not. Going Greek offers a chance to be something bigger than yourself, academic excellence, social networking, representing certain values or motto's, community service, and building your leadership skills. Every organization offers something different to people, and it's all about feeling comfortable with the organization your interested in. What makes fraternities and sororities different from just regular clubs is they could be nationwide, structured, have a larger networking of alumni and members, and is a lifelong commitment that you can still make impacts with long after college. There are traditional and non-traditional Greek organizations that can offer many amazing opportunities to an individual during college. Hesitancy is often normal with people who aren't familiar with Greek life, but the best thing to do if you are interested is shop around, don't be gung-ho on just one, there are many choices and you want to make sure you make the right choice for you. Check out their national website, face book page, get as much information as you can so you make the right choice. Rush is going on currently in many schools so step outside your comfort zone and GO GREEK! It's a choice you won't regret!


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