Gingers don't feel pain like everyone else (Science says so)

Posted by admin on Friday, March 9, 2012

Be afraid, be very afraid.....

This just in: Gingers are a biologically-advanced minority. Although, their sensitivity to the sun and freckle-plagued faces might even things out a bit. I speak from experience of course. As a Ginger who wears a Ginger-beard with pride, I know all to well the pros and cons of Gingerhood.

Anyways, HOW are Gingers different?

This study concluded that Gingers have a higher pain tolerance that most people, and can also handle spicier food.This wasn't the first study to look at Gingers' pain tolerance. The Mythbusters did their own research on the topic and deducted that red-haired people take longer to react to pain than people with other colored hair.

The most recent study does have some disadvantages for the carrot-tops of the world, like:

  • They are more sensitive to cold
  • They suffer more from toothaches and are likely to be afraid of the dentist
  • They have a greater risk for developing sclerosis and endometriosis (whatever the hell that is)

So yeah, Gingers, or "Redheads" as the politically correct would say, can take more pain and eat spicier foods than blondes, brunettes, and so on. I'm no scientist, but my guess is this was an act of evolution to help the Gingers cope with the many, many ass-whoopings that come along with growing up ginger.

So check out the Wall of Flame at your local hot wings joint, count the Gingers, and see if they are holding true to their tolerance for spicy food. For my non-ginger readers, don't be too jealous--at least you can get a tan. And for my fellow-gingers out there, let's call this day a win for our people. (Now start stocking up on that SPF50; we're gonna' need it!)

..and this was just from taking the trash out...

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