Getaround: Because No One Likes Public Transportation

Posted by admin on Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ever used public transportation? It's not exactly the most peaceful, timely or clean mode of transportation available. You could always get a taxi, but that's not very poor-broke-college-student-friendly. Biking? Sure, if you wanna show up in a sweat shower. I won't even mention walking because who does that anymore?

You no longer have to walk! You're welcome. From linwoodlibrary.com

Instead you could rent a car from getaround.com. Getaround is unique in that the cars featured are owned by real people who set their own competitive hourly rates. You can pick out whichever owner/car/hourly rate you want! Super swanky, decked out black on black wheels are yours for $50/hr. Or you can own (for a time) a better-than-a-bike option for as little as $5.50. Owners and cars are screened before operating so that the renter need not worry. The company's whole goal is to create a 'world with fewer cars, without traffic jams, and with less pollution'; the same goals as public transportation pushers but without the stuffy, crammed, creepy-homeless-men-talking-to-you sacrifice. It's like borrowing your best bud's car, if you're best bud charged you (no judgement). Even better, Getaround car's are backed by full insurance.

Have a car but no gas money to fuel it? The company also allows the more fortunate to rent out their cars for a little extra cash. Again, an hourly rate, full insurance and beaucoups of bucks.

Most importantly, Getaround is 21st century accessible with an iPhone app that allows people to rent quickly and painlessly.

And honestly, do you really want to ride the bus for the rest of your days?

From reallatimes.com


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