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Posted by admin on Friday, February 24, 2012

Move over, Jenna Marbles, there is a new female YouTube sensation in the house. Enter Grace Helbig, a 27-year-old comedian best known for her web series Daily Grace featured on My Damn Channel.  Grace's creativity with "vlogging" has led to an astounding amount of subscribers at 120,000 and counting. She was elected King of the Web in October 2011, and the series was nominated in the "Best Writing for Non-fiction" category at the Inaugural IAWTV awards in January 2012.

What's so great about her YouTube videos you ask? Well first of all, she uploads new content every weekday. Mondays are "miscellaneous video" day, in which she talks about anything on her mind (and it's usually inappropriate, random, and HILARIOUS.) Tuesday's theme is "comment on comments," in which she comments on random comments she receives from her various social media sites. On Wednesdays, she does a "review" on a TV show, movie, or recent event. Thursdays are "how to" days. Last but most certainly not least, Fridays are "sexy Fridays," in which she gives love/sex/relationship advice.

My favorite part of her videos is that she "hazes" new subscribers by making fun of their username. Literally, whatever comes to her mind, she says it, and that's why these videos are so fun to watch. Girl be cray.


Check out this latest video of hers, and be sure to go see more of her videos on her YouTube channel!





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