Gentlemint: Like Pinterest, but for men

Posted by admin on Monday, February 13, 2012

First of all, guys, if you have a Pinterest, don't be ashamed.

Manly enough fo' ya?

Rumor has it that website's like crack. But more addictive.

But for most of you guys, I imagine Pinterest is just another thing on the list of stupid shit your girlfriends/girl friends/moms are obsessed with that you don't understand. (Like, say, the Real Housewives...or maxi skirts.) And it's understandable that it could foster some fear. I mean, I'd be pretty alarmed if I was dating some babe who suddenly started "pinning" pictures of engagement rings. And what about when your lover's birth control prescription expires...and she suddenly has a board called "BABIES!~!~!~!"

Frightening, indeed.


But now, guys, it's your turn to get your pin on--without the trauma-inducing possibility of finding out your ex has a murder-plot pinboard--with Gentlemint. A self-described "mint of manly things," the welcome page informs you that the American Moustache Institute has dubbed it "...one of the more manly websites on the planet."

How 'bout this?

Behind only espn.com, I'm sure.

I, not being a man, glimpsed at the welcome page for circa 14 seconds before promptly exiting in favor of more pink and fuzzy shit. But from what I saw, it's like the Dos Equis guy and Urban Daddy adopted and totally corrupted a baby from Pinterest--i.e. there are a lot of images of leather, liquor and motorized vehicles.

And not a craft project or angel food cake recipe in sight.


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