Friends with Benefits or Only Friends?

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friends with benefits or only friends? If anyone has ever told you guys and girls can be friends with no emotions attached, think again. It is impossible to go through a friendship when either, the guy or girl, produces feelings of lust, love or attachment to the friend. Oscar Wilde once said: “Between man and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.†To a certain degree people can be friends without having the affection for one another, if one person does not have the same feelings for the other person involved. Although, a friendship is a two way street, sometimes it can be hard for both individuals if one person falls for the other.

In a friends with benefit situation the outcome is even worse. Women are known to get physically and emotionally attached at a much more rapid speed compared to men. Friends with benefits are always hard because someone lands up getting hurt.

Think about it ladies, if men know they can have you without any attachments it is like waving a bone in front of a dog. They will salivate with enjoyment and stop once their needs have been satisfied. On the other hand, for women, friends with benefits is like a regular manicure because you try the newest nail polish color and soon you become addicted to trying them all. Once you start hooking up with a guy you will not want to stop if you begin to like him.

You stare at your phone to see if you have missed calls, a text to make sure your phone is working, yet, nothing. Us ladies think men are complicated and that they have some strategic game plan behind their crazy ways. News flash: men are as simple as the idea that the sun rises in the day and sets in the night. Have you caught yourself asking, I wonder if my guy just wants to fool around or does he want something more? Sound familiar? The answer is simple: he most likely only wants to fool around and nothing else.

Listen to your instincts about whether he is in the fun for the long or short run. Does a simple hook up with no complication sound desirable to you, than join in on the pleasure. Otherwise, before things get heated up simply ask the guy what he wants so you know upfront without the chance of disappointment. Men are not used to receiving questions right on the spot so you will catch him off guard and receive an honest answer.


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