Fried Chicken just keeps getting better

Posted by admin on Sunday, June 17, 2012

How can America's favorite food get any better?

Research shows that if you take fried chicken,  serve it in easily held/dipped/ripped pieces, and serve it along side a bucket of sauce, you'll have the mouths of America salivating their way to the nearest drive-through.

Popeye's chicken was the first to recognize this trend with their line of "'Ip'ins," as in chicken meant for dippin' or rippin'.

And it's no surprise people like to dip chicken into sauce. Hell, this is America and there is nothing more American than taking a piece of meat and covering it with so much sauce you barely even taste the meat.

Does anyone eat fries without ketchup? Hot dogs without mustard? Pancakes without syrup? We love sauce. End of story.

So what is next? It seems that restaurants are continuing to find ways to make eating our favorite foods easier.

It won't be long till we are walking around with feed bags around our ears.

Not long before we'll be driving around town with one of these babies strapped on our face

All this food blogging has made me hungry- I'm off to get some (insert fried meat here) and dip it in (insert any sauce here).


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