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Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love Austin. I honestly can't think of a greater place for folks my age (21, almost 22!) to live. My good friend AJ (former writer for SB) has introduced me to Austin360.com and we have been going through their lists and doing the most fun activities we never thought Austin had. For instance, it shares all upcoming free shows at Waterloo that provide free beer, and lists off pretty much anything and everything happening every day of the week. I highly recommend checking out the site on a bored day and attempt to go to everything on that list. You will not be disappointed!

During an Austin360 fun-day, AJ and I came across a free concert at Waterloo of the band named Telegraph Canyon. It's a psychedelic folky band full of awesomeness. There are 4 guys and one girl. Their mixture of the violin, piano, banjo, drums and guitars are what today's music is missing. The lead singer has an old raspy blues voice that really stands out.  If you're interested, check them out at telegraphcanyon.net

I found one song of theirs called Golden that I found interesting because it sounded like it belonged on The Godfather Soundtrack. Go on their website and listen to it if you don't believe me!

So I was Stumbling today (like always) and came across the top 20 gangster movies of the last 40 years and thought the song could work with every freaking movie.  Any upcoming mod movies need to include this band in their soundtrack fo sho.

Mob website:


I just realized that I've been rambling on way too much.

Have a lovely day.



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