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Posted by admin on Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sometimes when I sit at home watching copious amounts of Sex and the City, I envy Carrie, Sam, Charlotte, and Miranda for their fabulous lifestyles. They attend art gallery, restaurant, and club openings, all sorts of launch parties, business and charity events, and of course, the fashion shows! Well, if you've ever tried to pretend like you live as these amazing women do, you'll find out  real quick just how expensive these events are. Nothing screams college student like "I can't afford it."

But this Thursday, April 21st, the Division of Textiles and Apparel's 22 graduating seniors at the University of Texas in Austin are hosting a free fashion show entitled "Innovation" at the Frank Erwin Center. Last year was so successful, over 5,000 attendees showed up to watch these original creations strut down the runway. They even caught the eye of hot local magazine Tribeza, who wrote a piece on 3 of the designers in particular.

The production is set to walk 4 parts--- individual collections, evening, bridal and a new game day dress category.  Pre-show starts at 6:30, fashion show at 8pm. So come out for a New York Fashion Week feel without dishing out the big dollars. Plus as students,  we get the chance to bare witness to other students who are taking the initiative to make a name for themselves in the dreaded "real world." Win for us, win for them. Finally, an opportunity to attend a professionally staged runway show at a nonexistent price, because nothing screams to college students like "it's free." RSVP for this event facebook here!


"Innovation" and the exposition are sponsored by the University Co-operative Society, Sephora Cosmetics, Colbalt Blue Hair Salon, the Students Events Center, Texas Student Media, Tribeza Magazine, Austin Woman Magazine and Fashionably Austin.


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