Posted by admin on Friday, April 29, 2011

Seriously, who goes to frat parties? Oh yea, everyone. The houses, music, free booze, normally a girl crying outside, themes, formals, tons of college students ready to rage, mixers, the set ups,  the drunk guy who refuses to get off the roof, whatever the case at hand, I believe it's safe to say the Greeks know how to throw a good party. There's just one problem: It's just extremely too easy to  "have one too many" and wake up asking yourself, "what happened last night?"

Well UT sophomore, Marc Goodwin, has created a solution and it's called Fratography. Fratography is an online photo album for fraternity and sororities events.  Nothing like free high quality professional photos of you and your friends, doing what every college kid does best.  Let's face it. We all love party pics (don't even try to deny this as a source to spending hours procrastinating on facebook) and we all look better through a more expensive lens. Plus, with Marc at the party we don't have to fumble with our purses trying to find our own camera, only to hand it off to someone else, and ask the infamous favor, "will you take a picture!?"

Although Fratography has just taken off this semester (mid-February), Marc is already busy with 1-2 events per week, the facebook page has over 100 likes, and he has plans in motion to expand to 3 or more universities by the end of this year. Fratography, "remembering the nights you don't..." and with the relief of not having to hire some random old person (who may or may not be a total creeper) to come snap photots of a bunch of drunken college kids. Booking for your own Greek event is available through Fratography's website. Cheers!


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