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Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's be real. We are in college. We love eating food. But we don't always love getting off our lazy asses to do it. Which is why God created delivery food. (Most people don't know this, but "the last supper" was actually catered by Jimmy Johns.) So I have compiled a list of what ought to be your go-to delivery options for all those times you are "starving," but don't mind waiting a half-hour for your food to get there.

Jimmy John's-Best thing about JJ's is that they really are the fastest delivery guys. Not to mention, their sandwiches are reasonably priced. Though it's not quite enough food to qualify as dinner for myself, most normal-sized people would probably find it fulfilling enough to call supper. Still, I think JJ's is best for a quick lunch or a late night munch-out. (They are open and deliver LATE.)

Fact: Dipping something in butter makes it better.

Papa Johns-My personal favorite for delivery pizza. Not only do I think their pizzas are the best, but they are the only people who give you a sauce to dip your pizza in. Usually, I slather on a combination of ketchup and Tabasco sauce (I call it "wild sauce") whenever I am having pizza, but Papa John's garlic dipping sauce is the bomb.

Pizza Hut/Dominos- I put these in the same category because despite their slight taste differences, they both bring the same stuff to the table. The Hut and Dominoes are definitely going to be cheaper than Papa Johns. They have specials like $5 medium pizzas and what not. Plus, ordering from their website makes customizing your pizza really easy, and you get to track the delivery status.

Moo-goo-gai-pan anyone?

Any Chinese place- Doesn't matter which one, it will probably have the word "Wok" or some animal from the orient in its name (Panda, Tiger, Dragon, etc..) Chinese food is great to have delivered. They come in little containers so you don't have to dirty anything else up, and because chinese food always comes in such large portions, you'll have enough for the next day. Not to mention, free fortune cookies!

I tried to stick mainly to the big chains but I'm sure you know of a great local place that delivers bomb-ass grub, so comment and let me know your favorite place to get your delivery-food-fix from!

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