Five Ways to Get a Bikini Body

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's officially May, and while we were spending all of April laughing at Justin Timberlake and his warning, the protective clothing months flew by and bikini season crept upon us all.  With celebrity diets, swimsuit trends and Pinterest mani/pedis clogging your summer priorities, take a minute to streamline and digest these five tips to get summertime fine.


1. Cut the Carbs

Look, it's better to receive the bad news first.  Cutting out processed carbohydrates like white pasta, bread and bagels (they're full of sugar!) is crucial when it comes looking lean.  If you must have bread, opt for whole wheat options eaten in extreme moderation. Remember: When trying to slim down, chow on the brown….or something like that.


2. Drink Like a Fish

Literally, i.e. water and no sodas, diet sodas (stop this now) or alcohol.  While most people are aware that these three beverages are good for nothing but bloating or a buzz, make sure to watch out for drinks that sneak sugar into your diet.  Smoothies that aren't made at home, juice drinks, and iced and mixed coffee drinks are an easy way to blow all of the hard work you've been putting in.  If you need a caffeine fix look to black coffee with a little soy milk for sweetening, or organic tea with honey.


3. Go On a Cleanse

Remember the Master Cleanse made famous by Beyonce? People are still doing it and it still works.  I put all cleanses to the ballerina test: I ask my dancer friends which ones worked and if they drop 2-3 pounds in a week, it's a go.  But don't expect long-term results from this method; experts say that while you'll drop weight quickly, many cleanses slow your metabolism which may cause you to gain a little more weight once you've gone back to eating solid food.


4. Get it Right, Get it Tight

No matter how many low-carb organic tasteless food supplements you eat, there's no getting around plain old exercise.  Moves like lunges, power squats and planks combined with cardio several times a week are a reliable way to make your jiggle disappear.


5. Book it to Bootcamp

Tons of celebrities swear by fitness bootcamps, and Austin is the premier city to try out this exercise trend.  It's like the beneficial muscle targeting of a personal trainer combined with the perfect amount of motivation/judgement by surrounding peers.  Hey, if it's good enough to keep Kim Kardashian's curves under control, it's definitely good enough for the rest of us.








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