Five Staples for Your Summer Wardrobe

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Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You've worked through what everyone else took off as "fat months" to become summertime fine.  Summertime fine does not include sweating through that cardigan, sweetheart.  I know it's a must that you be appropriately dressed while under the scrutiny of an internship supervisor or, if you're one of the few students with a paycheck over the summer, an actual supervisor, so I'm not suggesting you leave the house looking like a (beach) bum.  Instead, heed my humble advice and put a few of these summer staples in your closet… or don't.  Just remember to blame yourself as you take your fourth shower of the day.

1. Denim Shorts

This one is a given.  Whether you wear yours super-short like Daisy of Hazzard County, or edge them up with studs and patterns a la Rihanna, you're pretty solid with denim.  If blue jeans can withstand the demanding lives of factory workers of World War II and James Dean, your denim shorts can get you through triple-digit summers.








2. Oversized Oxfords

Yes, I'm advising that you actually wear long sleeves in the sweltering heat.  With a breathable fabric an oversized (that's so it doesn't stick to you) oxford will keep you cooler and less prone to sunburn.  Paired with a mini skirt, denim shorts (see above), or your favorite pastel skinnies, it's polished and relaxed all at the same time.







3. Straw Fedora

I've heard what people say about people who wear fedoras.  I don't care.  This summertime classic makes you look like you stepped off a boat from Havana and never goes out of style.  Find one with a funky hatband to stand out from the crowd.









4. Sundress

Now here's where I'm giving you free range of your outfit because really, you can't go wrong.  Although it seems like everyone is shouting maxi, I'm partial to shorter sundresses myself… partially because I'm short.  But if you've got height like Anja show it off in a maxi dress!  And if not, cheat while wearing wedges under your floor-grazing summer frock.








5.  Wedges

Let's face it: It's too hot for real shoes.  This is not an excuse to wear flip-flops every day from now until October.  Instead of getting a disgusting flip-flop tan (and even more disgusting foot soles), resort to the still comfy yet super stylish wedge.  Go sky-high or keep the heel at a sensible height if you'll be on your feet all day.  Do not, ever, resort to Crocs.








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