Finals Fun!

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yes, it is finals time. All around campus undergrads are scrambling around looking like they just woke up and forgot to shower. I have tried to maintain my sanity, by following several key tips...

Sleep - your body cannot function without it. Try to aim for a good 6 or 7 hours minimum. This should preferably be continuous, not between crashing from red bull and monster.

Food and Drink - the food should not be in the form of cold ramen or Whataburger. Aim for some water or gatorade and some veggies and healthy food. Healthy food leads to better grades! Personally, I would avoid the extremely caffeinated stuff, unless you are in a pinch. Maintaining a steady heartrate allows for better receptiveness of knowledge.

Fun - the body cannot survive on studying alone. Take a break for an hour or so. Check out a flick or watch a playoff game. This will allow you keep at it fully when you return to the books.

Higher Being - try to pray to a higher power. It can't hurt right? To be safe, I would devote a few hours each day to a respective deity. One of them might give you enough divine intervention to get that A!

Does anyone else have any tips for the stressed student seeking solace?


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