Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

E.L. James's sexy new chart-topping erotica novels have shocked and excited (wink wink) audiences around the world, but what's really behind those Fifty Shades? Well, lucky for you, I'm addicted to my Kindle and I've read all three books (and enjoyed every last page).

There's a common misconception about romance novels--that they're dirty, raunchy, and nothing worth reading unless you're too embarrassed to watch porn or you're a lonely housewife. Well, actually, all those things are true, most of the time. However, Grey is so much more than the intense sex scenes sprinkled (as in every other page) throughout the novel.

Basically, there's the rich, powerful, young business man Christian Grey and small-time, meek, virgin college senior Anastasia Steele. By chance, they meet, and Christian pursues her. However, Christian's troubled past has led him down the dark and sexy path of S&M, so he isn't looking for love- he's looking for his next submissive. The novels dive into the world of the most painful (yet enticing?) sex you've ever heard of and how Christian can overcome his past and his addiction, and how Anastasia can open herself up (get it?) to Christian's world and teach him that he's worth being loved.

It sounds a little...strange, but I promise you it's absolutely amazing. The characters are really well thought out and even though you might have to break out Google to figure out what some of Gray's "instruments" are, the sex scenes are just as page-turning as the love story. If you're into a good story and maybe looking for something to spice up your lonely afternoon reads, these novels are for you. And even if doesn't sound like your thing, download the sample for free if you have a Kindle, and try not to love it. Just, you know, try not to read it in public. You'll kind of feel like a perv, and it makes you paranoid that everyone is staring at you...so I've heard.

Let me know your thoughts on the books on Twitter at @sheynarae and happy reading (wink)!

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