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Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here's what I've been listening to this leap year.

Hit The Lights, Invicta
I hadn't listened to Hit The Lights since their old school (and old singer) album This is a Stick Up, and I wasn't exactly confident in their ability to put out a decent album with new singer, former guitarist, Nick Thompson. I was proven wrong. Everything about Invicta reminds me why I love pop-punk. The lyrics are catchy, the music is infectious, and Nick's vocals reach heights I couldn't believe for a man with his kind of muscle. Their breakdowns are beyond impressive and they managed to put out songs that I learned the words to in about ten minutes. This album has way more potential to reach broader audiences than their old stuff, and, personally, I find Nick's voice way more appealing than their old singer's, Colin Ross. Basically, this album left me more than satisfied.

The Audition, Chapter II
I've been an Audition fan for a long time now, and one of my favorite things about them is the stories in their songs. This album is no different; every song has it's story and they do it with possibly some of the most creative lyrics in punk-rock. From the desperate You Gotta Believe ("I can't keep lovin' you 'cause I am what you love to abuse") to the angry and get-the-hell-out attitude of You Make Me Sick ("I don't need anymore of your shit 'cause you make me sick"), the guys belt out their angst with catchy tunes that'll have you feeling their pain as you try, unsuccessfully, to reach the heights of lead singer Danny Stevens. This album is the perfect follow up to 2010's Great Danger, and I'll still be rockin' to it months from now.

Jamie's Elsewhere, Reimagined EP
I had never listened to Jamie's Elsewhere before this album, and apparently I haven't been missing out until now. With new lead singer Aaron Pauley, they've found the exact mix they need. His voice has the kind of depth and pure talent you're looking for when you dive into a post-hardcore album. It's a nice change of pace from the auto-tuned, over-synthed music that seems to be coming out more and more each month (not that I don't dig those, too) to hear something so creative and stripped down. If you're not a fan of recent changes in the hardcore scene, this album is for you; it's nothing but brilliance.

Tweet me your thoughts on these albums and what you've been jammin' to recently at @sheynarae, and happy listening!

Check out The Audition's video for Make It Rain on their new album below!


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