Fast Cash, Hayyyy

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alright so for you kids out there who are a broke joke just like me I have a few ways to make some quick cash. Although some of these methods may be a little “juvenile†they have definitely worked for me in the past so fasten your seatbelts and get ready to bank.

#1. Craig$li$t

We all know of the infamous website called craigslist, so why not use it. You can sell just about anything and everything on this website and I know you all have some pretty ridiculous stuff pushed way back in your closet that you probably never want to see again. Surprisingly, somebody else does. For every weird and creepy item on craigslist there is a just as weird and creepy person looking to buy it. So don’t be afraid my friends, you’ll get rid of your unwanted things while making some extra cash and a weird and creepy person happy.

#2. Ca$h your change
Another thing I’m sure we all have is a shit ton of change just lying around our houses/apartments/dorms. When I was little I would literally go through every drawer, box, purse, closet, you name it, until I had a big bag full of change ready to be cashed. Surprisingly in the end I would usually come out with a good 20-30 bucks which at the time was a whole lot. Unfortunately in this day, age, and economy, 20-30 bucks will probably only get you like a meal or two but hey, it is what it is.

#3. Plato’$ Clo$et

For those of you who live in a box or maybe under a rock even, Plato’s closet is this weird little store full of used shoes, clothes, and accessories, aka they buy your old crap. You can take any old shoes (gross), jewelry, or clothes (yes that means you’re extremely ripped Abercrombie jeans and your ugly Hollister polo that is obviously no longer ‘hip’) and cash them in for money. Obviously depending on the current ‘trend’ of the season or whatever you may or may not get the most money in the world but hey, anything beats what goodwill gives you for bringing them your old junk.

In the end you’ll only end up being that much richer, until you go spend it all on new clothes and lunch that day of course. Either way you make a profit and you should end the day with a smile, but if you’re still not happy maybe you should just try getting a job.


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