Fall Trends for the Straight Man

Posted by admin on Monday, September 24, 2012

Boat shoes. Khaki shorts/pants. Polo. Maybe a nice button up shirt, or boots. That about sums up the majority of college dudes' closets, amiright???? It's fratty, it's functional, it's freaking repetitive--all you d@mN boys look the same! I am here to tell you: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE GAY TO DRESS WELL, GENTLEMEN. I'm not saying you need to look like a runway model in class, but you know, I wouldn't mind seeing a guy with some style at the bars on the weekends. I'm sure there are tons of girls out there who agree with me. So do yourself a favor and try out these straight-guy-friendly trends this fall; if for no other reason other than it's the end of the world on December 21st #jk.

1. Checks, plaids, patterns, and beer


 I threw "beer" in there just to get your attention. I see it worked. Basically, don't be afraid to play around with patterns this season. Layer them, if you must. Just keep the colors neutral, like the picture above. These plaids are traditional, classic, and it's about time the gen Y men embrace the timelessness of these fabrics. Checkered suits were huge on the fall 2012 runways (like THIS), but it's okay to take baby steps with one checkered piece at a time. I would personally love to see THIS shirt out and about the bar scene.

2. Buckles and babes


Again, the whole "babes" thing was just so you'd keep reading. So I know you're addicted to your TOMS, Sperry's, and cowboy boots--NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE SHOES--It's just that you look like everyone else on the face of Texas. Next time you have a formal function to impress at--say a wedding, formal date party, or just want to look presentable on the weekends--wear a nice buckled loafer. It's an upgrade from the lace up loafers you've had since high school. I'd love to see them paired with dark jeans and a nice shirt for date night. THESE are a great option.

3. The color you need: INDIGO


Just get used to the fact that "in" colors change every season, so if you want to update your closet, you have to stick towards certain hues. This season, that is the deep blue of indigo, which can be worn in both formal and casual situations. THIS option paired with a denim jacket would totez be hawt.

4. Larry the CABLE guy


I mean, don't we all love Jim Carey and that movie? Moving on. Cable knit sweaters are IN this season for guys. Toss your plain sweaters with American Eagle and Holister logos. Go out and buy a nice cable knit sweater sans ridiculous logos. Thrown over a button up top, as seen above, is a perfect way to wear this trend. HERE is another great example of a hot guy with style.

4. Classic Corduroy


Just plain ol' classic corduroy. An easy swap is to wear what you normally would, but instead of jeans, embrace a dark-colored pair of corduroy pants. They don't even have to be cuffed, like the ones pictured above. You can wear them as a suit for the formal scene, or just throw a corduroy blazer over dark jeans and a button-up for an updated casual look. THESE would look great with a denim shirt and converse.


Well there you have it, gents. Stay tuned for Men's fall trends to avoid, and Fall trends for the straight man PART II. 


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