Escorting in America

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Escorting in America

The oldest profession on Earth has entered modern times in a big way. Craigslist and other web sites offer sinful pleasures with the ease of a keystroke. Selling yourself and your time is the ultimate trade of morality for money.

My quest to learn more about why people are willing to sell their time and sometimes, their body led me to Craigslist. I do not have any pimps or escorts on speed dial, so I did what any 21st century sleuth would do, I posted a message asking for information.

I got e-mails with spam and e-mails asking me if I wanted sex. I guess some users on Craigslist could not read. Amongst the filth of the web, I received an e-mail from Matt. He is just 22 but had extensive experience in the escort business. Matt gave me the run down on how escort businesses are run and how they avoid law enforcement scrutiny while making amazing money.

Hayden and Matt

Hayden and Matt

Matt worked for years freelancing as a talent scout for agents and directors. During that time he sometimes got queries for more lurid services

“Along the way, I got a couple offers from high end escort agencies, women for men. They hired me to be a professional matchmaker to find the perfect girl for the client and to make sure they would be satisfied.  I saw how lucrative it could be,†said Matt.

Hayden is his business partner. Hayden got his start as an escort after arriving in Austin from South Carolina, where he recently graduated.  He was planning to start a business but his plans soon changed.

“Expenses became more than I thought they would be. I was in a situation where I could either give up or find a quick way to make money and that is how I got into escorting. Once I got my other business running, I quit. But I still kind of had a passion for it. It was fun,†said Hayden

When Hayden met Matt in Austin, they saw that they had this background in common and realized that forming a business could be very profitable.

“When I met Hayden, I knew that he did escorting himself. I figured that if we were to do something, we would focus on the niches. One of those niches would be gay escorting and another that will be coming soon is men for women escorting,†said Matt.

The Business

Matt and Hayden stressed the differences between a prostitute and an escort. They said that the escorts provide stimulating conversation and company to people who may be in town on a trip and don’t want to sit alone in their hotel room and prostitutes simply sell their body for sex. During Hayden’s time as an escort he claims he never slept with anyone.

Matt and Hayden made it clear that their company was not just a place where sex could be bought and sold.

“We provide the introduction between the client and model or escort. What goes on behind closed doors is totally up to them. If we get an e-mail from someone wanting to do something sexual, we totally disregard it. That is prostitution and there is a fine line between prostitution and escorting and we don’t cross it,†said Matt.

Matt and Hayden have a team of attorneys on the business side and criminal side of the company to make sure we don’t cross any of those lines.

To pay for those attorneys and to make a living, money must be generated and in the world of escorting, that money can be good.

“The pay is a case by case basis. Some guys make a little bit more than others. The base is $250 dollars an hour and up. That is a low lower than the $2,500 for a women but it is a little different. There have been several occasions where a guy would request someone for a week or more and we do a package deal. A guy went to Dominican Republic and the escort got paid seven grand for a week, with the plane ticket and everything included,†said Matt.

Finding Escorts and Clients

In the beginning Matt and Hayden sought out escorts on various websites, offering them their services. Now, they are more selective. To be an escort for Matt and Hayden, you must have something more to offer than just a body.

“All our guys are students or college graduates. Two of them are on way to law school. We try to get guys who have something to offer. More intellectual. It is not like a meat Market,†said Hayden.

According to Matt, the process of finding clients is similarly rigorous.

“All of our clients have to go through a verification process before they are introduced. Usually what that includes is telling us prior escorts they have been with. Then we contact those escorts and ask about their experience. If they have never used an escort, we would do a character verification. They would tell us who they are, what they do, where they work and then we make sure they actually do that. Once there are verified they are good for six months before they have to be re-verified,†said Matt.

Matt said that he is looking at the business as a stepping stone for other ventures. Hayden said he would like to stay with the company as long it is going in a good, positive direction. If the company’s reputation is tarnished, he said he might get out. One thing is certain, escorts and online prostitution is here to stay.


An Escort’s Point of View

Cameron is one of Hayden and Matt’s top escorts. He shared what he thinks of the business and his experience.

Why did you get into the escorting business?

Escorting isn't really something that I just got into. It just kind of happened for me. Long story very short, I once went on a date with an older gentleman that took interest in me at the gym that I used to work at. At the end of our dinner date he gave me a hug and a couple hundred dollars just for spending time with him. I met him several times after our first meet and it became kind of a regular thing.

Does your family know?

My family knows surprisingly. Escorting is not something that I feel I have to hide because contrary to the beliefs of some people, I'm not acting as a prostitute. Instead, I'm acting as a professional companion, or a professional boyfriend if you will. Nothing more than a glorified counselor or friend with a different approach to helping someone. As for what they think of it, they were not for it at all at first, but after they finally decided to listen I shared my experiences and they had a much different outlook on the whole business.

What is a typical meet-up like?

Typical is not the word to use. I really can't think of any two meets that were alike. The best way I can explain it is to relate it to dating. The first meet-up is always like a blind date. I know a little about the person I'm meeting, and he knows a little about me. Usually our first meet is at a restaurant for dinner or lunch, or at a public meeting place if he is simply wanting to meet me before deciding to invite me to a special event or vacation. The first few moments are usually a little awkward, but what first meet isn't a little nerve racking? After that, we get to know each other a little more, and we either hit it off or not. There is no secret. The chemistry just has to be there.

Do you enjoy the work?

I love the work. I would never get to meet the type of individuals I have in any other industry. I'm my own boss, I choose when I want to work, I choose what I want my rate to be. How can anyone complain with that type of freedom with a job?

Is there anything off-limits when you meet a customer?

Sex is off-limits with a customer. I'm an escort, not a prostitute. Unfortunately there is a fine line between escorting and prostitution so that's something I usually have to clear up straight away when I tell people what I do.

What are your long term plans?

Escorting is just a stepping stone to other adventures in my life. I have plans to go to law school after I finish my undergraduate degree. That is my main goal, but I'm really open to whatever comes next. There have been countless opportunities presented to me by my clients so it's really hard to say where I will end up down the road.


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