We Interview Kim from Matt and Kim!

Posted by Samantha Sumpter on Wednesday, September 11, 2013



I chatted up one half of the explosive duo Matt and Kim and talked Lightning, sex with Matt, and why you should always wear slippers on the tour bus…



I think the last time I saw you guys was at Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, and everyone was just going crazy, dancing in the rain…

I kinda think that’s my thing this year—bring the rain. We probably should not have called our album Lightning…We’ve been so f--king lucky this summer—the crowds have been wanting to go—and going crazy—and I love it.


Your show is super high-energy! What do you do to prep for that? Any pre-show rituals? Coffee…drugs?

No one in the crew talks to me in the morning before I have a latte. I’m usually pretty bitchy before then. We do have a rule that’s not crazy but it’s needed, and that’s no more than two beers before a show. But that’s because Matt ended up puking [on stage] because he had way more than two. I usually have a Red Bull and booty dance a lot before I go on stage.


Well y’all get pretty crazy on stage— some of the stuff you say is pretty hilarious and outrageous.

I’d like to pretend I’m maturing…or that’s what I tell my dad. But it’s crazy the shit your parents find out about on the Internet.


I tend to say a lot of shit, and sometimes you get so wrapped up in it all—and it’s a crazy high when you’re on stage—and I’ll start talking about anal sex and someone will bring it up later like, “It’s crazy you were talking about anal sex with your parents in the crowd.” We have to go to the YouTube [to prove it]. At Bonnaroo there’s a shot of me with both my hands in my pants…It’s almost like you’re possessed out there…


What’s your favorite song to play live?

It varies…it’s one of those things depending on how the crowd reacts, but I usually like to play the faster, harder songs. So I get excited when we play “Now” or…we’ve been ending the shows with “Alright” and when the crowd goes crazy…[but yeah], fast and hard…goes right along with sex too.


Watch the video for "It's Alright" now!


One thing about your songs is that they aren’t really straightforward. There’s a lot of wordplay…a lot of allusion.

It’s weird how we work. Basically everything we write is about our lives and what we’re going through at the time. For all of Grand it was about figuring out our life. Some people are like “I’m gonna write a song about this girl who loves this guy and she’s gonna be hit by a bus.” We don’t do that…it has an overall meaning. Matt and I both write, and I just kinda do [it] like I’m freestyling, and he throws it together.


Lightning…right before we wrote that we were burnt out…It’s tough—we f--king love playing shows, and when it’s something you love, it’s hard to say no to it. But like everyone says, you can’t eat chocolate cake every day even if you love it. So Lightning was like we felt we hit bottom and trying to pull ourselves out of that. Like even though our songs are upbeat, there are a lot of dark undertones.


What are you listening to right now?

I was just on a huge Beyoncé kick because I went to see her play on Monday. She put on an awesome f--king show. She flew over the crowd, and I told our manager I want to do that.


What would we find on your tour bus?

Most of the summer we’ve been flying, but you forget how f--king exhausting airports are…I feel like airports are like going to the mall at Christmas time…trying to push little kids out of your way. I feel an essential on the bus is slippers, and the only reason is because the dudes seem to not be able to piss on the toilets.


So I gotta ask—are you and Matt actually dating, or is it all a ruse?

No, we’re dating—I’ve been f—king the shit out of him for the last 10 years. We met at art school and we started dating there.


Well, I actually thought I was going to be interviewing Matt, and I asked my friends what they wanted to know, and…well…they all asked about his penis size…

Well, lemme tell you—it’s f—cking good.


Well, time’s up, I think. Do you have a sign-off, Kim?

I want everyone to know that September is the month to go hard in because it’s the beginning of the school season where you can f--k up and still [pull it together]!





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