Education or Experience?

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 24, 2011

A recent College Candy article posed a very real and very scary question for us soon to be college grads. Education or experience?

Which one would win in the eyes of employers? Although there is no definite answer, there are pros and cons to both, and it varies greatly from  field to field as well as between jobs. So for all you current college students, my suggestion is to try to become as well rounded as possible. A healthy combination of education AND experience will probably give you the best odds when it comes to job hunting. Start thinking about internships sometime around your sophomore year. Start small, unpaid internships are a good way to 1. build your resume 2. get your foot in the door and make contacts. Keeping your GPA up is obviously a good idea and will show employers that you can balance many things at once while not dropping the ball. Like all things in life, balance is good and will probably make you the more competitive candidate come graduation.

And now friends, UT students prepare to start the most important weekend of the year, Round Up. But more on that later!

as always,

lovelovelove & get ready to rage.


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