Easy Campus Wear: Red and Leopard

Posted by admin on Monday, August 13, 2012

If at first the sound of red and leopard used together bring to mind a profession that  predominates on the street corners, then you're looking at it all wrong. For years, red has been deemed a color too "daring" for normal social settings. For some reason red mostly predominates in more formal situations and is not looked as very casual. Now putting red and leopard together for school? Difficult. But can happen.


Red is one of the most versatile colors in the spectrum. It can look both chic and debonair as well retro and adorable. Leopard is so easy to use and people aren't even aware of it. Yes, the Kardashians and their followers may have ruined it, but I promise it can be as simple and comfortable as a pair of Nike shorts and oversized t-shirt.


So Texas may be grand and what not, but the weather here sucks. So keeping that in mind I have posted a semi-layered look. The blouse is sheer so it is comfortable in this unbearable heat. This type of material is all that Forever 21 is supplying at the moment, so finding it will be no problem. In the summer pair this with flat sandals perfect for walking around. When the weather starts getting chillier add a leather jacket to keep that cool vibe going. I would say add boots, but really? In this heat?


As a transplant from Mexico where people dress up no matter where they go, it baffles me to find people in pajamas going to a noon class. How hard is it to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt? Well here is the easiest morning outfit. Chic and comfortable. Perfect for the entire day and great for walking up those hills--right Texas State? Add a cardi for those freezing auditoriums. The beanie is a huge life saver if your hair is unruly or if you simple just don't feel like dragging a comb across your head. Lazy jerk.




The high-low trend might get old soon, so take advantage of it before it’s gone. It seems to be a risky article but it really isn’t due to how comfortable it is. Because this particular skirt has a leopard print, keep the rest of the outfit neutral. Cap toes are big this season and I know that there is a particular style at Target that every college student can afford.


Red and leopard are not intimidating at all. Lean on your blacks and beiges and make it work.
Refrain from looking like a total slob!



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