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Posted by admin on Sunday, May 2, 2010

So I always love to find new brews, mixed drinks and cocktail what-nots to concoct. Lately, I've found some new drinks that have officially made my top ten list of my "can't live without's" category. Here they are:

Pearl brewing company, established in 1883 in San Antonio, TX. Need I say more? Pearl beer come is regular or light and has a taste that I will enjoy over and over and over. I just so happened to enjoy mine over a nice plate of crawfish gravy and a biscuit at Franks on 4th and Colorado. So tasty.

Next up, is my new summer beer I've stumbled on. Saint Arnold Summer Pils. I picked up a pack of these on Earth Day. Seeing as the label was  tie dye, my hipster alter ego couldn't resist.

Now everyone who enjoys old school drinks, must have a soft spot for this all time fav... SQUIRT! My favorite thing about this drink is how the side of the can specifically advertises that there's, "LESS THAN 1% JUICE" haha. You can find this juicy goodness at The Jalopy Rotisserie & Press on 18th and Guadaloupe, along with BIG RED, GRAPE, ORANGETTE, and many more old school greats.

Lastly, another favorite that I can't live without is booze n berries. Basically any beer with a side of fresh berry. It's my Texan version of wine and cheese. In this case, I went with a good old Lonestar and some fresh strawberries. A match made in heaven.

So If you see a beer on here that you haven't tried, I certainly recommend you taste a few! And I'd also like to know what other people's favorite drinks are. I always love trying new things, so holla!


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