Downloadable e-books...from your library...fo' free. WHAAAAT?!

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's research, I swear!

So...admit it. You kinda wanna read 50 Shades of Grey. But there's a problem--YOU DON'T HAVE THE $9.99 IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO PURCHASE IT FOR YOUR KINDLE ON AMAZON.COM!

You could go to the library, sure. But that requires distasteful activities such as: driving, getting an actual library card (what is this, 1995?! pshhh) and enduring the embarrassment of an ancient librarian looking down through their spectacles with a look you can't help but interpret as a "shame on you--you're totally going to pleasure yourself to this literature later."

(I'm not gonna sayyy I was contemplating trying out some wordplay via the word cliterature there...but not gonna say I wasn't either.)

BUT!--Imagine if there was a way you could get yo' read-and-rub on without paying fees, putting mileage on your car, adding more laminated shit to your wallet and receiving shameful, judgmental gazes from the elderly?! WELL APPARENTLY THERE IS!

I've just discovered that libraries are offering downloadable e-books as rentals. I.e. you get shit directly to your Kindle, iPad, Nook, or Sony eReader--fo' free (but, like the typical library book, not forever).

Without Madge judging your literary preferences.

(Editor's note: Fair warning...50 Shades of Grey kinda blows--ha--so this is probably the best option so you don't waste your $10...You will, however, still be wasting your time. Also I'm fully aware that both the use of the terms cliterature and read-and-rub are pretty vulgar but, well, when the opportunity presents itself...Whatever. Now holla at your local library...and go read shit.)


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