Don't Forget to Catch Some Zzz's!

Posted by admin on Monday, May 9, 2011

With the summer quickly approaching, it is important to keep in mind the benefits of sleep. Once summer is here it is easy to fall into a schedule of late night partying and waking up early the to continue drinking by the pool. However, sleep should be an essential part of your summer plans as it has some undeniable benefits. So whatever your summer to-do list might include, make sure one of those items is sleep!

Sleep helps to repair your body. Your body produces extra protein molecules while you're sleeping that helps strengthen your ability to fight infection and stay healthy. Nothing will kill your summer plans faster than a cold so make sure to get enough sleep so you have enough of these molecules to help your immune system.

Sleep improves your memory. That 'foggy' feeling that you struggle with when deprived of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate. This often leads to memory problems with facts, faces, lessons, or even conversations. Sleeping well eliminates these difficulties because, as you sleep, your brain is busy organizing and correlating memories. So maybe if you get a solid 8 hours of sleep after a crazy night of partying, you might actually be able to remember what you did.

Sleep helps control body weight issues. Sleep helps regulate the hormones that affect and control your appetite. Studies have shown that when your body is deprived of sleep, the normal hormone balances are interrupted and your appetite increases. Unfortunately this increase in appetite doesn't lead to a craving for fruits and veggies. Rather, your body longs for foods high in calories, fats, and carbohydrates. So, if you're trying to lose those stubborn few pounds that just keep hanging around, consider the benefits of sleep on weight control and make sure that getting enough sleep each day. Sleep sure beats going to the gym when trying to be bikini ready!

Sleep keeps your mood in check. With insufficient sleep during the night, many people become agitated or moody the following day. Yet, when limited sleep becomes a chronic issue, studies have shown it can lead to long-term mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. After all, nothing will put a damper on your summer faster than feeling depressed or anxious.


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