Donald Trump's "Announcement": I'm kind of an asshole

Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's preface this, shall we, by saying that never should we ever take anyone seriously who has this hair:



That said, Donald Trump--gazillionaire extraordinaire and total attention whore--announced earlier this week that he had a "major announcement" to drop this Wednesday relating to the election--


It turned out that this "announcement" was actually more of a taunt, accusing Obama of being the nation's least transparent president ever and requesting some records to prove--same old story--the legitimacy of his birthplace. In exchange, well, Trump promised to donate a hefty sum to save some orphans or some shit. (BUT ONLY IF THE PRESIDENT SURRENDERS HIS RECORDS BY 5 P.M. OCTOBER 31ST--dun, dun dunnnn!)

"I have a deal for the president," Trump huffed and puffed into his video camera as America rolled their eyes. "If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and passport application and records, I will give to a charity of his choice, a check immediately for $5 million." (He then ended with "You're fired!" ...Okay, just kidding)

It's an interesting premise (in a trainwreck kind of way), but major announcement? Meh. I'd say it's more reminiscent of a villain-esque threat, a la The Dark Knight's Joker...or Austin Powers' Dr. Evil:






See the resemblance?

But the best thing to come out of this eye-rolling announcement is absolutely the Twitter response, so please...enjoy:



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