Dayglow: The Ultimate Paint Party

Posted by admin on Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flashing lights, super bass, neon, black lights, and paint; lots and lots of paint. If you like any combination of these things then you should buy your ticket to Dayglow now.

When you walk in expect to be greeted with enough flashing lights to cause a seizure and enough fist pumping music to wear out the Jersey Shore. The paint comes next, but you have to wait until the countdown clock hits 00:00 until the suspenseful blasts of paint fill the room and cover the raging party. Unfortunately the Houston paint party was shut down early last night due to an alarming number of people passing out from the excitement, or it may have been the heat (you decide).

Those who have experienced this wondrous event can only describe it as AWESOME. To say the least it was an epic night of jumping, dancing and sweating. Everyone should definitely buy their ticket next time Dayglow stops in their city. Tonight is round 2 in Houston and then the tour is off to San Diego, California. The next stop in Texas is Dallas, but the days are still TBA. Check here for dates for the fall 2011 tour. If you are planning your trip to Dayglow now just remember to stay hydrated, come prepared for excitement, and wear all white!

You've been warned... Don't miss your chance to party hard in the paint! Tweet me your paint experience @allisonasbury.

Paint covered clothes from the party!


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