Date Ideas That Don't Involve Dinner and a Movie

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm horrible at making decisions, especially when it involves what to do and what to eat. So, you can only imagine that I'm horrible at planning dates. I'm a girl so luckily I leave it up to the guy to decide. I don't mind the cliche date of going to a nice dinner and a movie but it's hard to get to know someone while staring at a screen and sitting in silence especially if it's a first date. So, think outside the box and plan a creative date that you'll actually remember.

Here's a few creative date ideas if you'd like to switch things up.

1. Feeling artsy? Spend an afternoon at an art gallery or museum. What's great about this idea is that most museums and galleries are usually cheap and sometimes free! This will give you and your date plenty to talk about afterwords - you can discuss which art you liked/disliked over coffee or a beer at a local coffee shop.

2. If you are an outdoorsy type put on some tennis shoes and head to one of your favorite hiking trails or go rock climbing . This is a great way to show off your athleticism and great bod.

3. Take advantage of a nice day with your date by kayaking or canoeing! Pack a picnic or anything else you might need and kayak to a secluded location. This is a great opportunity to talk and get to know the other person and you get to enjoy the scenery.

4. If you are into music, invite your date to listen to some live music at a local music venue or lounge or even something silly like an open mic night. You can determine what kind of music they like and see if you two are musically compatible.

5. Take your date to the zoo!! Keep in mind how hot it is outside, you might want to go when the temperature dips under 100 - you don't want to see animals that look like they are miserable from the heat. But if you go on a nice day outside this could be a fun, effortless date. Feed the animals, watch the monkeys, each a snow cone! You are guaranteed to have a great date.

6. Does your city/town have a fair or carnival? Take advantage of it and bring your date to ride the ferris wheel, check out the fun house, eat a hot dog or people watch.

7. Especially with the summer heat, taking a trip to natural springs is an excellent way to cool off with your date. You can also get a sneak peek of your dates body...and if it's worth a second date.

Which date ideas are your favorite? What kind of fun first dates have you had?? Tweet me! @Mia_Noelle


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