D.R.U.G.S Takes The Emo's East Stage

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 4, 2012

"I want everybody on their feet, because no one is too fucking cool to get down at a fucking rock show."
-Craig Owens
Hard rock band D.R.U.G.S (Destroy, Rebuild Until God Shows) tore the house down at Emo's East tonight on the SIN tour. With openers Sparks the Rescue, Like Moths to Flames, and Hit the Lights, the show got the crowd moving, probably busted a few speakers, and definitely ruined my hearing for the next few weeks. I have the bruises to prove I was there (going to feel that tomorrow) and my back is killing me, but the show was so much more than worth it.

First off, there is nothing like D.R.U.G.S frontman Craig Owen's voice. His range is killer, and he sounds exactly them same live as he does in stereo; every time you expect his voice to go out, he comes back at you with another screech that's better than the last. I was blown away, I've never seen anyone with that kind of stamina and heart on stage. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed (not that I expected anything less).

Hit the Lights was no disappointment, either. Their new album Invicta was just released in January, so I knew they were really going to leave it all on the stage. Frontman Nick Thompson threw down like I knew he could; his voice reaches heights I didn't think was possible for someone with that much muscle. I was a little disappointed in the crowd; I think they were expecting something more hardcore from these guys, but HTL was a good performance nonetheless.

I had never seen Like Moths to Flames live, but I was definitely surprised. The crowd went wild over these guys. Between a sick bassist and even more talented singer Chris Roetter, the pit opened up and there was no looking back as I got my ass handed to me in the middle of a crowd I wasn't expecting. Mad props to these guys for really tearing it up out there; I'll definitely be checking out another one of their shows soon.

Spark the Rescue is a solid band with catchy songs, but their live performance is made by lead singer Alex Roy. That guy is one enthusiastic little dude on stage; you can tell how stoked he is, and how much heart he puts into what he loves. It was a refreshing performance.

The openers lit up the stage, but D.R.U.G.S took the night away. Check out a clip of their performance of "If You Think This Song is About You, It Probably Is" below (Owens made these kids open a huge pit, it's pretty entertaining), and be sure to tweet me your thoughts on all these bands at @sheynarae. Happy listening! Also, once again, all these photos and the video were shot on my iPhone, so apologies for that (thank God for Instagram, right?!)



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