Conquer Your Next Interview

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not intimidating at all.. right?

Alright college kids, Spring Break is officially over (as sad as that may be). With only a handful of weeks left of school, it’s time to start applying for the summer internship of your dreams. The thought of interviewing is scary enough to make most of us cringe, but let’s face it- everyone feels this way!

How long did you spend closet-gazing, looking for the perfect outfit for your last interview? You wanted to be a “Jackie†with the knee-length pant suit in a color other than black. You wanted to be a “Hilary†and sport the classic pantsuit. Possibilities are endless, and we all know that first impressions are everything.

It’s time to listen to me on this one. Calm down. Dry your palms. Take three deep breaths. There are a few things to do and remember before going into your next interview. (You can thank me later.)

1)    Be confident. Say it with me. “I am the best candidate. I can do this.†Having confidence is one of the most important aspects for an interviewee. Your resume may speak wonders, but it’s the interview that will land you a job offer. Your long list of awards will be a distant memory if the interviewer can only focus on your nervous tapping or awkward stance. Remember that even corporate executives are people just like us! Relax and give the interviewer a genuine idea of why you know you are the perfect person for the job. Make them want you!

2)    Do your homework. Research the company and find out as much as you can about the position before you go in to interview. You will then be able to connect your prior experience to the necessities of the job and paint a picture for the interviewer of why you can go above and beyond his or her expectations.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Why should we hire you for this position? What can you do for us that someone else can't? How does this assignment fit into your overall career plan? What are your weak points?

Remember, be firm.

3)    Ask questions. Get all of your questions answered while you can so that you know what you are in for when you (hopefully) accept the position. This shows interest and enthusiasm, and it demonstrates your ability to see yourself as a part of their team.

What are some of the objectives you would like to see accomplished in this job? What are some of the more difficult problems one would have to face in this position? How is one evaluated in this position? What accounts for success within the company?

Go ahead. Start researching companies for a summer or fall internship. Clear your schedule for the many interviews to come. If for some reason you aren’t the best fit for one position, don’t worry. Keep trying, and I’m sure you’ll find a great match soon enough.

Do you have any secret interview tips that you’d like to share? Share the love and let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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