College kids design breakthrough stethoscope

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 19, 2012

As if we didn't already know college kids were on top of their game and smarter than ever... ;)

Four students from the University of Melbourne designed The StethoCloud for Microsoft's student innovation competition called The Imagine Cup. The project won the compeition and placed in the worldwide finals. According to a recent article by Good Education, "Although pneumonia can be successfully treated with antibiotics, even experts sometimes have a difficult time diagnosing it. In the developing world, the infection is either not diagnosed or diagnosed too late for antibiotics to help."

That is where these four college badasses come in-- thanks to The StethoCloud, the difficult time diagnosing the problem disappears as the custom built stethoscope and mobile phone app system analyzes a person's breathing to determine if they have pneumonia.

Team StethoCloud

So basically, an app to analyze breathing patterns to see if you have or don't have pneumonia...This further proves there is an app for everything! According to the article, "Every year 2.1 million children around the globe die from pneumonia—more than die from HIV, malaria, and measles combined—making it the number one killer of kids under the age of 5." Further showing how important this new design is.

The app costs $20 where a regular digital stethoscope costs around $600! You can read more on StethoCloud here and be sure to check out some of our other awesome blogs for more trending topics and news.


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