College = Childhood All Over Again

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Posted by admin on Monday, June 21, 2010

College = Childhood All Over Again

Being in college is a lot like childhood all over again.

Monkey Bars To Keg Stands

The acrobatic talent needed to dangle from monkey bars is channeled into Keg Stand glory as a college student.

Sports Trophies To Empty Liquor Bottles

While childhood trophies showcased skill in sport, the empty liquor bottles of college dwellings boasts the occupants’ alcoholism.

Handwritten Notes To Ask Girl Via Txt

Being lame and avoiding face-to-face rejection has moved into the digital era.

Paper Football To Beer Pong

The skill and dexterity from playing paper football in homeroom has paid off with beer pong.

Trapper Keeper To Laptop

The status symbol that we carry around 24/7 is still the same dimensions, just a little more advanced.

More comparisons coming soon!

- Bill Bowman


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