Club Owner: Daniel Tosh Incident Misunderstood

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An anonymous audience member at Tosh's recent Laugh Factory show accused him of making a gang rape joke at her expense.  This spawned a backlash of Internet outrage, going viral on Tumblr. However, the club owner says everything has been blown way out of proportion. According to the Laugh Factory owner, Jamie Masada the scenario is described as Tosh asking, "What do you guys want to talk about tonight?". Another patron said, "rape", while instantly the offended woman screamed, "no rape is too painful". Tosh responded with "Well, it sounds like she's been raped by five guys". Granted, this is a sensitive subject, but the issue is that after remaining seated throughout the duration of Tosh's performance (which received a standing ovation), the woman spoke to the manager, who offered a full refund. Rather than accept, she instead opted for two free passes to another show. What do you think? Was Tosh out of line or was the woman overreacting?



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