Christmas Drinking Games

Posted by admin on Friday, December 23, 2011

The holidays are all about bringing people together, and what better way to remember suppressed childhood memories and call out your cheating uncle than getting everyone together for some Christmas drinking games? With these games in your arsenal, you'll be the life of the party, and maybe you'll get your hot neighbor so smashed she'll stick around for the after party (if you know what I mean).

Secret Santa: Gather everyone around with their presents, and make each person guess what their present is before they open it. If they're wrong, they take a shot. If they're right...well, take a shot anyway--it's a celebration!

A Christmas Story: Everyone watches this movie during the holidays, right? Well why not make it more fun with family and friends by taking a shot of something spicy and warm every time someone says "Christmas," "Red Rider BB gun," or "You'll shoot your eye out" in the movie. No one loses; everyone wins.

Christmas Carols: Gather everyone in a circle with a bottle of liquor in the middle and a shot glass for each person. Sounds like the start to a great night, right? Pick someone to start and they sing the first line of a Christmas carol, the next person sings the next line, and so on. First person to mess up takes a shot! This game can get pretty loud, so keep it indoors or make sure the neighbors are ready for some tipsy carolers!

The Grinch: Grab the old school animated movie and divide into teams: Team Grinch and Team Whos. Every time the narrator says the name of your team, you all take a shot! It's simple, and by the time the Grinch's heart starts to grow, you'll be so drunk that you'll be trying to climb the Christmas tree.

Let us know how these work out for you and tweet me with your own holiday drinking games! @sheynarae


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