Channel Your Inner Kelly Kapowski

Posted by admin on Monday, March 7, 2011

The current sale of odm watches right now got us thinking about about one of our favorite style icons, Kelly Kapowski.  The watches are bright, bold, and fun accessories that take any outfit from blah to rad.  The pinks, blues, and neons all inspire images of the hallowed hallways of Bayside High School, where our fearless fashionista romped about in denim jackets, orange spandex, and so many scrunchies.  Today, we can’t really pull off the whole floral bodycon dress + ruffled socks ensemble (oh, but we wish we could).  However, we can inject a little of that late 80s/early 90s glam into our lives in some subtler ways.  Below are some ways to channel Kelly without looking too Halloween-y:

1. An ODM watch (or two if you’re daring) on your wrist.  The bright colors and rubber material are super fun, but the minimalist design doesn’t make it get too retro.

2.  An old college or high school sweater and some scissors.  Cut the top in a diagonal to get an off-the-shoulder look like this.  If you’re adventurous, why not make it a crop top too?

3. Geometric earrings.  You can always make them yourself out of neon foam from the craft aisle, or find them at flea markets and thrift stores anywhere.

4. A teasing comb.  Don’t get too crazy–we’re not going for electric shock look here, just a little bit of poof and volume.  Especially great if you have bangs–pin them up with an adorable barrette for ultimate adorableness.

5. Old dance tunes.  The synth-ier, the better.  Throw them on your workout mix, your walking-across-the-quad mix, your baking mix, your getting-ready-to-go-out mix.  There truly is no limit to how many times “Gonna Make You Sweat†can be played at mega-volume and not sound amazing. Also think: Bell Biv Devoe, Madonna, NKOTB, and the B-52′


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