Chamillionaire at the Sigma Alpha Mu house

Posted by admin on Monday, March 29, 2010

Chamillionaire at the Sammy House

Spring is in the Austin air which can mean only one thing. Greek students at The University of Texas dress up in neon campaign slogans for his or her Greek Society, fight dehydration in central Texas heat, eat crawfish, and drink excessive amounts of alcohol. All the while searching for their next batch of fishy pledges. As if that weren't enough Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity decided to toss a Texas favorite into the mix, Chamillionaire.

The Sammy guys, Study Breaks Brittney, Chamillionaire, and I

Chamillionaire gave a show and a half. He had the crowd into the show from the very beginning and left nobody dissapointed. In his own words, "at this show, I need you all to give %110 until the end." Everyone did!


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