Chadlentine's Day Tips: Single With Chocolate

Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SWC: Single With Chocolate

So lets make this clear. Valentine's is no longer pure, its more deluded and commercial as Christmas....ok maybe not more but its almost there. And with this spectacular day of chance (of whether you get some or not) has a few rules to it.  I don't know them, but here are some Chadlentine's TIPs.

Fuck Cupid, Don't be Single (that day)

TIPS: Fellas

1. Select 2 or 3 prospects (if you haven't already) Take them out THIS WEEK (Lunch dates) make'em Short and sweet. Don't say shit. Do Ask and focus all attention on them, they'll love you. Prepare the field for a week of text and phone convos (sparsely over the week) of only the nicest shit you can think of. You can be ur real self after the 14th

2.Is your game weak? No chance of getting those prospects? Play the numbers game (the week before) there are bond to be some single chics desperate enough to not want to be home along. Take'em to a movie, take'em for drinks, be patient and try your luck.

3. Don't really feel like either of those fits you? Well there is always craigslist, but watch out for Killers and Penis'


1. I know it's cold, but you have to step ur  sexy up. Doesn't matter if its the office, class, the gym, or Wal-mart. Remember someone is undressing you with their eyes. Give them something worth wanting to take off.

2.See that pic above? No means Yes and Yes means hell yes in man terms. Assert yourself, flirt a little harder. And if your...not so cute and u get a "Hell No", just know in Man terms means, I'm not that desperate yet but stick around and u might catch me with my guard down. in the words of Captain Planet "The Power is Yours!"...and its between your legs.

3.If your not gonna have luck with either one of those May a suggest you and ur single friends pull names and do a kinda "Secret Cupid". Everyone wins...kinda. Could be a good time for you and your best gff to get drunk and "experiment" again, no one will know.Just like the last time.

If your not Single:

Check in (a few days from now) for Tips on  "K.I.S.S-ing" (Keeping It Simpe Stupid)


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