Can't stop listening tooooo: THE RUXPINS

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

THE RUXPINS--in a photo...I stole...per the usual

Before I dive into why I'm currently jamming out to The Ruxpins, a disclaimer.

This should have been written circa April 30th, the day after I heard the Ruxpins play live when I judged the SW bracket of  College Battle of the Bands. Because, although they didn't win, THE RUXPINS were a freaking BLAST to see play live--and they were one of the bands that I wished had continued to play long after their 15-minute slot was over. (Would've been nice to hear the entire 16-song set, ya dig?)

But, honestly, I'm one HELLLLL of a procrastinator, so my bad.

The Orange, TX (close to Beaumont)-based group knocked shit out of the park that night, bringing everyone in the place to their feet. (Seriously--I've never seen so many frat guys dancing together in one room...that wasn't in a frat house.) With a sound that's classified as "Americana Rock" ("more of a folky, country-rock feel--any genre you can think of, just throw it in one," I'm told) and a group of 5 guys that look like they're having the BEST TIME EVER onstage, it was a blast live.

And--I was shocked to discover--it's a blast to blast in the office as well.

The band hasn't been together long, but you wouldn't be able to tell--probably because they went balls to the wall and played their first show about two weeks after they started playing together. And they're not only bandmates; they've all been friends since junior high/high school, playing, some of them together, in different bands before slapping together what turned out to be a perfect storm with The Ruxpins about a year ago.

And what IS a Ruxpin you ask? Well, naturally they're named after Teddy Ruxpin, a children's toy that's a talking bear.

(A MUCH better choice than "The Furbys," if I do say so myself.)

And ladies, it should also be known that these guys aren't just kick-ass musicians (and rocking pretty badass suspenders); they're also pretty smart. Between the group--that consists of Brandon St. John, Canaan Barborek, Justin Babineaux, Cade McKay, and Cody Schatte--they've got an electrical engineer, students and grad students.

(AKA no starving artists here...)

So, bottom line is I apologize for withholding one of my favorite recent music finds but...umm...better late than never?

Their first album (Crawl Before Your Walk) is already out, but if you're in their area, head out to Madison's for their CD release party on july 13th for Dirty Robber.

AND CHECK THEM OUT NOW. You won't regret it:








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