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Posted by admin on Thursday, April 21, 2011

BroBible kindly served Lonestar Beer for the guests.

During SXSW, Study Breaks was hooked up with BroBible's event which featured Chiddy Bang, RJD2, and Hoodie Allen. I must say this was the place to be on the first Tuesday of South By. A place where free shots, free booze, and free phones were given out. Wait, what? that's right. You missed out. FREE Windows phones were thrown to the crowd. Not one, not two, not even three. Seven. You read that right.

Good thing the SB staff was able to cover this event. Study Breaks Jennifer and I both had the chance to interview Doug Banker on the making of BroBible.com

Jen: Here at Study Breaks, we are a national college publication, that markets in Texas and in Georgia, it’s a college entertainment magazine, so we do a lot of fun stuff, and we love BroBible because it hits everything about a male college student. We’ve been avid followers for the past year now.

Doug: Well, that is very kind of you to say. We love our female viewership. (laughs)

Jen: So what is BroBible and what do you all do?

Doug: So BroBible is an online and offline multimedia company. Online we cover topical universal male concerns from sports, to entertainment to women, to current events—and everything in between. It is all kind of comedic, authentic, easy to digest format. For our audience that is always on the go, it is easy to aggregate all the information that matters to them. We do it in a style that they like it… in a funny and easy to enjoy place.

Jen: So it is a more filtered version of Playboy or Maxim—you know we see the hot girl on the cover and fun content…

Doug: Oh yeah, you know, it does have some Maxim component to it, but we want the content to have utility to it. At the end of the day, if they can go on BroBible and get information that they can use in conversation to educate themselves, we get great satisfaction out of that. The other thing is we have this big offline brand too, with concerts and events and experiences… just anything that is synergistic with our audience, which usually revolves around partying and music.

Jaz: You said that you have done events, so, which was your favorite so far?

Doug: Oh let’s see. I have a passion for music so anything music related. We did a concert last year in June in New York City with Chiddy Bang, RJD2, and Pretty Lights and it was amazing.

Jen: Really cool, we actually just featured Chiddy Bang and Big Sean in our current March issue, it’s a huge music issue with SXSW in it and everything

Jennifer and I with CEO of BroBible.com, Doug Banker

Doug: Very cool. I know that they performed here in Austin a couple of months ago, and they are just so talented and together, they have a couple of cool songs together.

Jaz: Yeah, I think I heard it earlier; y’all were playing “Too Fake†with Big Sean and Chiddy Bang outside.

Doug: Yeah, they were doing that song in the sound check. I hope you guys can stick around; it is going to be a performance.

Jaz: So how exactly did you come up with the concept of BroBible? What determined a “Bro�

Doug:  Bro to me, isn’t too narrow. We like to describe it as all males in general. But really, it was an opportunity to become a resource for the audience who was on the Internet 24 hours a day, and wanted to be informed. It was to come up with an online platform and a leverage to do bigger things like events and hopefully television shows.

Jen: So was it like based out of New York City where you guys spurred this idea and then how did you get all of the bloggers and contributors to get all of this information and content for BroBible?

Doug: So we are headquartered in New York City, and that is where we started. I handled the marketing and promotions aspect and we launched around this guerilla marketing campaign around different colleges for their tailgates and we set up the BroBible tent and had koozies and tank tops and at first no one knew who or what it was, but as it gained more and more notoriety, it became bigger spectacles. From an online content side, our Editor has been the master architect. He’s put together the writing team, the entire editorial staff, and development. I stuck a core with this audience who likes our content and likes coming to our events.

Check out this cool Windows shot block!

Jaz: I saw that your demographic are males 18-32… how many would you say are college students that contribute?

Doug: I would say that is actually our sweet spot, college students and a few years out. We are very fortune because that is a vile demographic and we are very fortunate to have them spread our message because whenever they find something that they think is authentic and resonates, we get a lot of their support. We try to appeal to them because that is where a lot of the turns and concepts where we get online and then can use with other projects.

Jen: Are guys that active on the Internet? I feel like females, it is easier to express themselves. You know, there are all these college websites for college females—talk about your problems here, but for guys…

Doug: You know, we have this Brommunity which is the open forum concept for BroBible and that is where they share their interests, voice their frustrations, and that’s kind of where solicit their health and that kind of questions. That is great because it allows us to interact with them but it also allows the community itself to interact with others all over the country and now internationally to share their thoughts and it’s been really cool just to see what kind of questions are popping up in there. Obviously in the comments of the posts, there are interesting dialogues.

Jen: So what are some of those crazy dialogues questions or comments that y’all get?

Doug: A lot of them have to do with college, you know, it’s like should I be going to “UT, Oklahoma, or Texas A&M?â€

Jaz: And we all know the right answer to that.

Doug: I will be happy to know that Texas is the right answer for that.

Jen: So what are the criteria to be a bro and what is one code that a bro should never break?

Doug: A criteria for bros is anyone who is fun loving and anyone who wants to be in the know and has an appreciation for fun, cool things and one bro code you should never break is always be loyal to your friends.

Jaz: Well, for a bro, that’s a good answer!


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