California: The Arrival

Posted by admin on Saturday, May 29, 2010

In case you've been out of the Study Breaks loop, I have left our casual, hippie loving city for the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. This small town girl was in for quite the culture shock. Never before have I thought so long and hard about what to wear to the grocery store. Wish I was lying. This city is beautiful...absolutely surreal.

I'm a current residence of 530 N. Orlando Ave in West Hollywood, California. This a prime and dangerous location. Just a few blocks north or south of my beautiful new apartment lies some of the best and most expensive shopping in all of LA. Ladies wear their Louboutins down the street to pick up their dry cleaning. The craigslist gods must have been smiling when they brought us this apartment, the area is perfect.

I always imagined Hollywood full of red carpets and paparazzi. I assumed I would casually run into celebrities at night clubs and that most things would generally be...excessive. This is the first time that my imagination was successfully able to transcend into reality. Let's examine Tuesday night, our second night in California.

7:30pm- Picked up by friends and headed to Ultra Suede for an Instinct Magazine party with a live performance from British popstar, Will Young. Just an hour prior, he performed on American Idol.

8:00pm- arrived at Ultra Suede and received a quick smile and nod from Mr. Young. We head to the bar for complimentary Belvedere until 9:00pm. Props to Instinct, these bartenders were incredibly generous.

8:30pm- Two stout vodka waters in starts the dance party. Note: Instinct is a national gay magazine, so Ultra Suede was full of down right gorgeous gay men. I know it sounds tormenting, but it was actually kind of perfect. It was eye candy with low fat ass hole, the perfect treat. Men were giving us compliments left and right but none of them had devious motives.

9:00pm- I see tall, dark and handsom talking to a girl. We make eye contact. He comes over and we start talking. He's straight. Winner! Then I notice the cameras... not just Cannon digitals... I'm talking an entire film crew. WTF? As casually as possible I ask Ben (beautiful boy) what's going on. "Oh, I'm on a reality TV show called If I Can Dream, they are shooting us out, but if they use this footage they will get a release from you, no worries. Do you need another drink?" Yes. Make it a double.

Benjamin Elliot- If I Can Dream


Note: Ben = Beautiful, Ben doesn't = super talented aspiring actor

9:30pm- Will Young performs. I'm front and center at the top of the stage. He was actually really good live. Check out my favorite music video below... oh yea...


10:15pm- I run into Will in the club and tell him how much I loved said video and he told me all about how they selected the "smoking hot cast." Love British pop-stars : ) He was adorable.

10:30pm- Jump in a cab to meet up with more hot British boys. My Studio is a Vegas-esque night club only open on Tuesdays... and it's The place to be on Tuesdays according to local night-goers. We cut the entire line and walked right inside... pays to know the right people in this town! Next was tequila shots and lots of dancing.

Some time in the wee hours of the morning- we end up discussing my favorite magazine, Study Breaks, and discussing larrythepig.com ... a blog my new English, smokin hott soccer player's friend writes. It's hilarious. Read it. Comparable to Tucker Max and Maddox... but even more vulgar. I'm going to interview this pig for Study Breaks soon for a new feature we are working on.

More to come after the weekend.



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